How to see ALL of your photos from an uploaded match

Since I take at least 6000 images at each match, and not everyone wants to see all of their photos, I am only posting 20-25 images of each shooter per event to start. There are usually around 200-300 (or more) images for EACH SHOOTER! Space is limited so I can usually upload a sample to DropBox.

OK, you’ve seen a sample of a few from a particular match and want to see more. I will create a unique URL and file for YOUR photos for $20.00. To get them, follow the link to your event, find your photos and look for the image ID, send me the details and I’ll send you a link within a few days.

Below are Screenshots of where you’ll find the information I’ll need to find your images.

From the DropBox file page.
From the image view page.